Oil & Gas

Modern materials offer a wide range of benefits that improve existing solutions within the oil and gas industry. High performance plastics, for instance PEEK, offer a variety of advantages in the oil and gas sector, such as weight reductions, corrosion resistance, thermal decoupling and minimised noise emissions.


TECAPEEK SM tubes can be used for components throughout the oil and gas process chain, whether it be exploration and field development applications in the upstream process, transportation, storage and distribution applications during mid-stream, or even downstream applications such as manufacturing, refining and petro-chemical applications.

Sealing products, such as backup and split rings made from TECAPEEK SM tube, offer significant advantages in extreme application environments. The material has high mechanical strength with double the pressure handling capacity of PTFE. It also has very high creep resistance; more than 200 times that of PTFE, along with 10 times the compressive strength. Products manufactured with TECAPEEK SM tube can survive service temperatures in the range of -50°C to 260°C, while still maintaining high mechanical strength. Pressure ratings of 30,000 psi are not uncommon.

TECAPEEK SM tubes are easy to machine without requiring specialised equipment, however our state of the art machining facilities have the capacity and the capability to provide components, such as guide rings, wear rings, bearing cages, seal rings and split seal rings to the highest precision and tolerance. Whatever your application needs are, TECAPEEK SM tubes are the ideal solution.


Elekem’s PTFE is also beneficial to components needed to fulfil the demands of the oil and gas exploration. Companies within this field are constantly pushing boundaries and drilling deeper in the search for resources. These deeper environments have elevated temperatures and are more hostile for the drilling equipment being used, therefore, electronic circuits guiding the drill need protecting from the increasing temperature. Elekem have created moulded bespoke PTFE potting covers to provide this much needed protection and are used by one of the world’s leading geosteering companies.

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