PTFE material (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is suitable for a wide variety of application possibilities in the processing and packaging of foods, due to its high chemical resistance and good mechanical properties. The attributes that PTFE plastic materials hold, enhances the production speed and safety in food manufacturing.

These properties, along with the relevant food contact approvals, combine to provide an ideal solution for applications in bakery and food processing contact machinery.

Example components, such as sleeving or rollers for the bakery industry, produced using Elekem’s PTFE, benefit from:

  • A gentle release and unblemished consistency of dough processed through dough moulder rollers
  • Reduced power driving requirements due to the low friction of PTFE material

Elekem can offer complete supply of roller or re-sleeving with PTFE up to 16mm thickness, as well as a number of other solutions for your food production needs.

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