The high demand for technical plastics within the aerospace industry illustrates their contribution to making applications more efficient and competitive. High performance plastics in particular, such as those within the TECAPEEK SM (PEEK) range of products, impress with properties such as low weight, good chemical resistance and fire behaviour.

In aerospace technology, where weight saving is vital, Elekem’s TECAPKEEK SM (PEEK) tubes are a prefect alternative to metal. In a typical 1” (25.4mm) diameter tube, weight can be reduced by up to 65% compared to stainless steel, 45% compared to titanium, and 30% compared to aluminium. This coupled with the additional exceptional properties of PEEK material, makes these tubes a popular choice for applications such as high performance seals and fluid transportation connectors within aerospace technology.

TECAPEEK SM tubes can be tailored to satisfy your demands and are typically available with fillers such as glass fibres, carbon fibres and PTFE.

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